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Harmoney & The Empty Piggy Bank
Paperback Book

Harmoney is an adventurous young girl with one wish!She wants a bike, but her parents give her the answer she does not want to hear, "No.” Her persistence forces her to create a plan on how to make her wish come true! Follow the action-packed journey of Harmoney as she sparks conversations about money management, savings, spending, investing, donating, entrepreneurship, and planning for the future. This entertaining book is sure to teach kids healthy money habits through a fun adventure! Grab your copy as the perfect gift for any home or classroom!

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Personalized Deluxe Autographed Copy 

A Personalized Copy Autographed by the Author Crystal McLean herself. This can be dedicated to whomever you would like to gift this book to. All Personalized Books come with $1 to sow a seed into every child's piggybank, and an original Harmoney & the Empty Piggybank bookmark. 

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Subscription Box

This box was created with future wealthy children in mind. This box includes a white 3*3 ceramic piggybank that can be customized with the included paint and brush set. This box also includes the autographed hardback book "Harmoney & the Empty Piggybank" and an original bookmark. Also included is Harmoney & The Empty Piggybank Coloring & Activity Book with a pack of crayons. Lastly, a 16 oz. #Wealthy customized sports water bottle and a rubber positivity bracelet to remind every child that they can conquer the world!

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