National Financial Literacy Month is in April and we are pushing to raise resources and bridge the gap to provide resources in our local schools. The goal is to donate 120 books across 6 Elementary Schools during the month of April. Also, with the 6 chosen schools, Author Crystal McLean is offering a free workshop/author reading along with some piggybanks, bookmarks and other resources. Your support helps with this mission of funding this project and bridging the financial literacy gap. Your name/business name will be listed on the donation card given to the school. Any amount of books will be glady appreciated and accepted! We appreciate your donation to the financial literacy initiative. 

Donation Book Drive

    • If you wish to remain anonymous, please notate in the comment section. 
    • If you have a desire to recommend a school as a recipient of the donation, please also list as a donation. 
    • No shipping fees/taxes will be required to be paid by the donator. 
    • Author readings/workshops are at the convenience of the author and the school, and is not required by the school that is a recipient of the donation.